Thursday, January 27, 2011

The written test

One of the first steps in our process, after the gathering of information and verification of minimum qualifications, is the written exam.  This test is comprised of a study session where all the material you will be tested on will be presented to you, at which time you will have a specified amount of time to review these items.  After a short lunch break we will reconvene to take the exam.  This exam is multiple choice and consists of questions made up from the materials you were provided in the morning session. 

I was asked about study material.  I would suggest reading up on police process exams and talking to those who have participated previously.  Test taking strategy is important for these exams due to the way in which they are administered.  You must, while reviewing the material, decide which portions to devote the majority of your prep time to and which items you are already knowledgeable in so as to maximize the study time allotted.  You must also determine how you will approach those questions that are more time consuming for you during the test session.  This is a timed test and while there is no wrong way to use your time, a little thought about it before hand will allow you to move fluidly through the test without second guessing your strategy for those challenging questions. 

Good Luck to you all!  We will have testing dates sent to applicants and posted here in the coming weeks. 


  1. Is there any confirmation given that the online pre-application was received?

  2. That is also what I was wondering as well! I submitted up everything counting my birth certificate. There is no verification that the file was uploaded. Thanks for all your help.