Friday, February 11, 2011

The Process

We are drawing near the end of our application gathering process and there is much to do. 

To answer some of your questions.  Yes, once I receive and process your pre-application you will receive an email stating it has been processed.  Upon submission, there is an automatic response generated.  Apparently that email is blank.  Don't worry about that one, when I enter your application you will receive a response from me with a PDF attachment.

In reference to the testing process, we are going to do everything in our power to set one weekend for both physical and written assessments to take place.  Those dates are still not set.  We will notify you all very soon of any documentation we are lacking with reference to your applications.  The process will move fast after the dates are set, so get ready! 

We are looking forward to meeting all of you very soon!


  1. I had applied at the station will we also be notified? I did not provide an email address when I applied so I was just wondering if we would recieve phone calls.

  2. With regard to the fitness assessment, does it only consist of the events listed in the city's recruitment page or are there also other events (push-ups, sit-ups, run, etc.)?

  3. What are the Physical Requirements?!

  4. Those that did not receive the blank email should go back and check your spam folder; that is where mine ended up.

  5. The online application isn't secured with HTTPS/SSL encryption, like what banking websites use. In the future you might want to secure it becuase you're asking for very sensitive info.